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How you can play games on YouTube?

Catch these games on YouTube for a limited time only.
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Extra fun on YouTube

YouTube is further improving its services by launching several features that its users can try out.

Recently, it added the Playables feature that offers free games for users to enjoy. No need to download these, just simply tap and play!

Note that you have to be a Premium subscriber to access this feature.

You must enable the Playables feature first since this is still in its tryout stage.

How can you play games on YouTube?

Via the app:

1. Go to the You tab
2. Tap the gear at the upper right then go to Try Experimental New features
3. Look for Play games on YouTube then Try them out

Via web:

1. Click your profile picture
2. Tap Try new features. You can also click Your Premium benefits

To access the games:

Via the app:

1. Look for the "Playables" shelf on Home
2. Tap the shelf then select any game you want

Via web:

1. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left to open the Explore menu, and look for the games under the "Playables" option.

The Playables feature will be available until March 28.

Have you tried this feature already? Let us know what you think!

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