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Xiaomi SU7 EV Series launched: up to 810km range, NVIDIA Orin chip, and Self-driving features!

Xiaomi introduced its highly anticipated electric car dubbed the SU7 sedan featuring three models.
Xiaomi SU7 EV Series launched: up to 810km range, NVIDIA Orin chip, and Self-driving features!
Look at that captivating electric car!

Xiaomi SU7 EV Series launched!

The base variant comes with a 299 HP rear-mounted motor and a 73.6 kWh 487V battery which the company claims should be enough for a 700km range under ambitious CLTC standard. Xiaomi claims the EV can replenish 310km worth of range within 15 minutes of charging.

The next model is called the SU7 Pro featuring a 94.3 kWh battery that can go a distance of 830km all the while featuring the identical rear motor as the regular version.
The car's design
The car's design

Moving further, the final and top-end variant is called the SU7 Max which highlights the 871 architecture and 101kWh battery that rises up to 810 km per charge. It has a dual motor AWD setup which can output 495kW or equivalent to 673 HP. Meanwhile, users can recharge 510 km worth of distance in 15 minutes as Xiaomi claims.
Inside the SU7
Inside the SU7

Another highlight of these cars is Xiaomi's advanced Pilot Pro self-driving system. This is thanks to the Nvidia Orin chip, LiDAR system, and 11-camera implementation. The brand states that it's going to unveil the Pilot Pro feature in April for user testing. Meanwhile, in May, these will be available in several Chinese towns. While the full-blown rollout is slated for August 2024.

The interior includes a number of interesting options that enhance the experience. A fridge, Nappa leather or Oeko-Tex seats, a 25-speaker Dolby Atmos system with some speakers incorporated into the driver's headrest, two screens for the back seats made from repurposed Xiaomi Pad 6S Pros, and a 56-inch, customizable HUD.
The infotainement
The infotainment

The infotainment system has a vast range of capabilities and works well with Xiaomi phones, but the company also welcomes Apple customers. The vehicle supports CarPlay and incorporates iPads into the back seats.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Xiaomi SU7 - CNY 215,900 (around PHP 1.67M)
Xiaomi SU7 Pro - CNY 245,900 (around PHP 1.9M)
Xiaomi SU7 Max - CNY 299,900 (around PHP 2.3M)

The pre-order is going to be available on April 30 with freebies like Nappa leather seats, a fridge compartment. The shipment begins by the end of April as well, while the Pro edition is expected in the last week of May. Apparently, these are only available in China so far.

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Source: Xiaomi

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