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HATASU intros new e-bike "TARA": 70km range, 45 kph, starts at PHP 54,990!

Local e-bike brand HATASU has introduced a new product and is now available nationwide.
HATASU intros new e-bike "TARA", starts at PHP 54,990!
HATASU TARA features

Affordable 70km range e-bike!

This e-bike has a similar appearance to a budget motorcycle. It comes in two wheels, a modern design, two side mirrors, and a comfortable sea. HATASU claims this vehicle brings value for money and sustainable riding solutions for budget consumers.

It packs a 1,500 Dynamo Motor which lets users achieve faster speed at 45kph and a longer range at 70km. HATASU also upgraded its battery to a 72V 32AH Lead-Acid Battery for enhanced charging and a more efficient power draw. It also has a Sinewave Controller for optimized and efficient performance.
The HATASU TARA's design
The HATASU TARA's design

Other improvements include a larger front wheel for improved traction and resistance on the road, front disc Brakes for a safer, more secure, and consistent brake control that is easier to maintain, and a Higher Ground clearance that enhances the undercarriage's durability.

The HATASU Tara also features large and easy-access compartment storage. It can fit a helmet, tools, and other personal belongings with up to 150 kg load. 

The brand claims this vehicle can be an alternative for food/delivery riders and moto-taxi since they need to go around the city. Another highlight is that there's no need for gas and that users will only need to spend at least PHP 20 per full charging cycle. 


Motor: 1,500 Dynamo Motor
Controller: Sinewave 40+1Ah
Battery: 72V32AH Lead-Acid
Braking System: Disc Brake (F), Drum Brake (R)
Front Suspension: Hydraulic
Rear Suspension: Dual Shock
Distance/Range: 70 kilometers
Speed: 45kph
Tire size: 90/80*12 Motorcycle Tire
Lights: Head/Signal Lights
Price: PHP 54,990

Price and availability


The HATASU TARA comes with a FREE T-shirt, helmet, time socket, and arm sleeves. Although the freebies are only available until supplies last.

You may head to this link for a complete store list.

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