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Beating the heat: McDonald's offers "air-conditioned study space"

Fast food giant McDonald's Philippines is opening its air-conditioned party rooms into study spaces as many areas in the country reel from extreme heat.
Beating the heat: McDonald's offers "air-conditioned study space"
McDonald's NXTGEN

Study in McDonald’s stores?

The company announced this in a recent social media post, saying the study hubs would be open on school days and nights from 7 AM. to 11 AM. and 2 AM. to 4 AM.

This initiative will run until May 31.

Ang init… so kami na nag-adjust!! 🌞😤 We're turning air-conditioned party rooms into cool study hubs for students on school days (and nights!), McDonald’s said in its post.

Students, it said, would also get access to its free internet access and McDo discounts.

To find #McDonaldsDayNightClassroom near you, click here.

Since early this year, Filipinos have been suffering from the El Niño phenomenon, even forcing the Department of Education to cancel in-person classes due to the high heat index.

Government agencies said some areas had also experienced a dangerous heat index.

State Weather Bureau PAGASA earlier reminded the public to do the following:

Reduce outdoor activities
Stay hydrated
Avoid specific beverages to prevent heat-related illnesses
When outdoors, use umbrellas, hats, or wear long sleeves
Schedule intense activities for cooler parts of the day

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