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How do you get your digital copy of the National ID?

There is another way to keep a copy of your National ID while waiting for the physical one.
How do you get your digital copy of the National ID?
Screencap from the National ID website

Another way to secure your National ID

As the government completes the delivery of the National ID cards, it has made this accessible via the eGovPH app.
The eGovPH app
The eGovPH app

The app can be downloaded via App Store or Play Store.

Upon downloading, you need to create an account or sign in.

To create an account:

1. Enter your number or email
2. Enter the OTP
3. Create an MPIN then re-enter it.

You will be brought to the main dashboard after this.

After creating an account, you can fully verify it to access more features.

To do so:

1. Go to verification then fill out the details needed.
2. Make sure all your details are correct before proceeding.
3. Take a live selfie.
4. You can add a signature but you can also skip this step.
5. The screen will then show that your e-mail has been verified.

The digital ID can be accessed by tapping the middle icon below the screen (as seen in the banner photo).

The Digital National ID is also available at https://national-id.gov.ph.This requires an input of demographic information and facial verification to confirm the individual’s identity.

Meanwhile, you can also access other government services on the eGovPH app.

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