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"Super app" launched for PH gov’t transactions


The Philippine government has introduced its all-in-one platform for different government transactions.
eGOV PH Super App
The "Super app" for PH gov’t transactions

Intensifying PH digitalization efforts

According to a report by CNN Philippines, the eGOV PH Super App was launched on June 2.

That is the call of the day is we will have to adopt all of these new technologies to be able to compete properly on the global stage, President Bongbong Marcos said during the event.

The platform aims to streamline government processes and transactions with the ultimate goal of achieving ease of doing business with around 26 agencies.

It also allows users to access their digitized government-issued IDs, like the national ID and driver’s license.

They can also register their SIM through the eGOV PH Super App.

Users can also access outbound and inbound travel declaration forms through the app.

The DICT is working with the DFA, DOT, and the Bureau of Immigration for the eVisa Portal for easier entry into the country for tourists.

Users can also create their resumes through the app which can be accessed by local and foreign employers.

For easier and faster coordination, the public can file complaints to government agencies through the app. They will immediately receive a response through the platform.

You can download the eGOV PH Super App via Google Play and Apple App stores.

Have you tried this app already?

Via: CNN

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