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This is not a drill: Godzilla Minus One is now streaming on Netflix PH!

The award-winning action sci-fi film Godzilla Minus One is now streaming on Netflix PH.
Godzilla Minus One on Netflix PH
Godzilla Minus One on Netflix PH

You can now watch Godzilla Minus One now available on Netflix PH!

The king of the monsters: Godzilla Minus One
The king of the monsters

To recap, it's a live-action film drawing inspiration from previous "King of the Monster" Godzilla films. It's the first-ever Godzilla film to win an Oscar at the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

This is not a drill: Godzilla Minus One is now streaming on Netflix PH!

According to 
IMDb, the storyline of the film reads,

Feeling as if he unfairly cheated death too many times, Shikishima, a surviving Kamikaze pilot is attacked on Odo Island along with many war plane engineers by a gargantuan monster. After the engineers die due to Shikishima failing to distract the monster, an overwhelming amount of guilt weighs on him, especially after a homeless woman and a baby move into his home when he returns. Shikishima, now on a personal mission, teams up with a large group of veterans to finally take down the monster known as Godzilla.

The cast of the film includes Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Sakura Ando, Rikako Miura, and Muneta Aoki, among others. The film was directed by Takashi Yamazaki.

The film has a budget of USD 10 to 12 million but has earned about USD 115.8 million at the box office.

The Godzilla franchise is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

To watch Godzilla Minus One on Netflix, simply subscribe to the platform and enjoy it on your phone/tablet (Android, iOS, HUAWEI EMUI or HarmonyOS), Windows or Mac laptop, and major Smart TVs.

Subscription in the Philippines starts at PHP 149 per month on Mobile to PHP 549 per month for Premium users.

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