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Smart invests in advanced blocking system; blacklists over 615K mobile numbers!

Smart Communications, the mobile arm of Pangilinan-led PLDT, reiterated its commitment to protecting its millions of subscribers against cyber criminals.
Smart invests in advanced blocking system; blacklists over 615K mobile numbers!
File photo: Smart SIM Registration

Smart vows stricter verification process

In a report submitted to the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), the company stressed that it was compliant with the SIM Registration law. Smart said it boosted its verification mechanisms and SMS blocking efforts.

In the first half of 2024, Smart blacklisted 615,788 mobile numbers tied to illicit and fraudulent activities, including spamming and SMShing scams.

Smart also assured CICC through its report, that it is investing significantly and continuously improving its SMS blocking systems, as the landscape of messaging scams constantly evolves. It is also actively engaging its provincial distributors, regional dealers, and other trade partners to ensure the security and integrity of the sale and distribution process of Smart SIMs.

The telco has also ongoing campaigns—#BeCyberSmart and #MagingCyberSmart—to help subscribers identify techniques used by scammers.

We remain committed to safeguarding our customers and ensuring the integrity of our services. We will continue to invest in advanced technologies and collaborate with industry partners and regulatory bodies to protect our users from fraudulent activities, said Atty Roy Ibay, VP and head of Regulatory Affairs at Smart.

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