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LG Electronics Leads In Bringing Future To Filipino Homes

LG Electronics continues to push the boundaries of technology today as they just made fiction a reality with their latest innovations. Harnessing human intelligence intelligently to develop products that can help us accomplish more in life.
LG Electronics Leads In Bringing Future To Filipino Homes
LG Electronics leads in bringing future to Filipino homes

It's a game changing home entertainment innovations

That's a bold claim, so why game changing? The LG OLED Super High Definition UHD TV lives up to that expectation. LG knows that home entertainment systems has that idea of the "larger is better". And that's what this TV can do it's the world's first and largest curved Super Ultra High Definition TV at 105 inches! What amazing with that is LG was able to avoid bulkiness and added weight to that machine at just 4.88 mm thin.. Then in cased you missed it, LG has also been the only industry player that was able to successfully develop energy efficient OLED TVs.

It posses remarkable self light emitting pixel technology that goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary LED and LCD TVs as it can achieve perfect black for infinite contrast. That reveals outstanding color accuracy and vibrancy. It runs with the exclusive and award winning webOS 2.0 UI that provides accessibility to advanced technologies that can provide seamless home entertainment experience.

Unparalleled visionary advanced technology

Life's Good, is mantra and battle cry of LG that they was able to accomplish all the time with their latest product modernization can effectively make the lives of Filipinos easier. That includes TVs, home appliances, mobile phones to wearable gadgets.

Aside from that LG also officially launched this year the Mosquito Away Residential Air Conditioner (RAC) that can repel mosquitoes especially the dengue causing ones. They used a speaker that generates inaudible ultrasonic wave frequency of 30KH that effects mosquitoes without harming humans completely. That is quite an amazing piece of technology to fight dengue and mosquitoes.

Multi-tasking made easy

For some people, there seems to be not enough time to do everything within the day. Nowadays, machines are envisioned as a dependable partner to man, making sure that every day menial tasks be far from tedious. Filipino homes realize the struggle of doing the laundry during the rainy season. Dirty clothes continuously pile up and leaves less time for the things that matter most at home—quality time for the family. 

Again, LG provides a solution for this through their revolutionary Front and Top Load washing machine equipped with TurboWash and TurboShot technologies that ultimately reduces washing time on each large load of laundry without compromising cleaning performance. The ground-breaking function of LG’s 3-Way TurboWash saves homemakers as much as 15 minutes of finishing one kilogram laundry load.

LG also brings next generation of washing today with their 6 Motion Direct Drive (6DD) function that lets users wash clothes with more care and movement—the closest they can get to hand washing. The 6DD ultimately saves more time and is powerful and thorough against stains yet gentle on the material or fabric being washed, making it even better than hand washing. 

“We’re committed to providing consumer electronics that work best for the Filipino environment and lifestyle. In LG, we envision future-proof consumer products that are ultimately beneficial for our consumers,” says LG Electronics Philippines Managing Director Sung Woo Nam. 
“Providing only the best for our consumers, we try to keep one step ahead with the needs of the Filipino market and make sure that we provide strong and consistent performance when and where it is needed the most We are better prepared for the future by learning from the past and taking to heart our beloved consumers,” added Nam.
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