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The Screen Of MyPhone My35 Can Be Very Dark, A Bug Or Power Saving Feature? (Watch Video Inside)

Yesterday, I thought that my MyPhone My35 was broken as it won't just open. The first thing that came into my mind is to restart the phone, the MyPhone logo appears on the boot process, but it doesn't continue to the regular Android interface.
MyPhone My35 test
MyPhone My35 screen brightness

How did we discover it?

My little brother noticed that the display is still working in a hardly noticeable way when he placed the smartphone directly under the sun. Upon seeing that he tried to adjust the brightness and it worked! Whew!

Bug or power saving feature?

When you use the adaptive brightness settings of the phone and turn the brightness all the way down to the lowest part, your screen will turn really dark which will make you think that the My35 isn't opening at all. That near total darkness can also be a power saving feature if you know how to properly use it.

Final thoughts

Either that super duper uber low light function by using the adaptive brightness setting of the phone is a bug or a good thing, just be careful with it or you might have a hard time adjusting your display again.

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What do you think guys?
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