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MTECH 2016, A Showcase Of The Latest Innovations From The Technology Partners Of MERALCO!

Last August 23 to 25, 2016, Meralco held the MTECH 2016 at MERALCO Lopez Building Lobby. It's an exhibit of the latest products and services from the business and technology partners of the company.
MTECH 2016
#MTECH2016 Exhibits and Experience Zone are open until August 25 (Thursday) at the MERALCO Lopez Building main lobby.
“We are utilizing the latest technology to improve our grid operations, provide more consumption information and convenience to our customers and to roll out new products and services. At MERALCO, we are engraining technology and innovation into our DNA.”
There's a must see Exhibit and Experience Zone where those new innovations this digital age are highlighted. It includes products and devices from Dell, Hitachi, SAP, Pazifik Power, Lenovo, Symantec + Blue Coat, CALIBR8, Schneider Electric, Indra, Siemens, Huawei, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Microsoft, Trends and Technologies Inc., Trend Micro, Geodata Systems Technologies, WSI, Smart, PLDT and Radius Telecoms.
Top Meralco executives
Top MERALCO executives, led by its President and CEO Oscar Reyes (center, in white), press a red button to signal the opening of MERALCO Technology and Innovation Summit (#MTECH2016) now on its second year.

Moving forward, the Experience Zone inside the MERALCO Theatre Lounge also features several Smart Home Solutions by Schneider Electric (which includes appliance control and electric consumption monitoring), Indra (smart sensors and appliance control through smart plugs) and CALIBR8 (electric consumption monitoring and analytics).
Microsoft booth
A sales representative of Microsoft Philippines explains to a guest how data analytics and real-time remote monitoring work. #MTECH2016

In that Experience Zone, they also had exhibits of Lenovo (tablets, PCs, and Laptops), Dell (tablets, office PCs, gaming PCs and laptops; servers for back end systems), WSI Philippines (large format displays and office printer), Trends and Technologies (sound system), Microsoft (Xbox One and VR device) and Abenson (home appliances).

MERALCO's Kuryente Load, the power utility’s prepaid electricity service was also demonstrated at that said event.

Then apart from the Exhibit, MERALCO also held several pocket sessions that includes topics such as: "Transforming Customer Engagement in the Digital Economy",  "ArcFM, Your Solution for Advanced Asset and Network Management", "Organizational Transformation through ICT Solutions+, "Harnessing Intelligent Data with Azure and Power Business Intelligence", "Intel Unite", and "The Smart Life" by experts from top industries.
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