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Facebook Lite Reached More Than 200M Users Globally!

Facebook Lite, the lightweight mobile app to access Facebook for lower-end mobile devices and slow internet connections has reached two new important milestones today.
Facebook Lite Reached More Than 200 Users Globally!
Facebook Lite is also now available in 4 new countries!

First, the app reached more than 200 million users globally. In less than a year, Facebook Lite doubled its number of users in less than a year.

Second, the app now supports 55 languages and was launched four new more countries. Facebook Lite  is now available in Israel, Italy, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Philippines. Soon, it'll launched in few more countries.

As a quick recap, Facebook Lite was created to provide a reliable and faster experience even on areas with slow internet connection or limited internet package or lower-end devices. It has a simple and easy to understand interface designed to provide great overall experience.

Congrats Facebook!
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