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IDC Revealed The Top 5 Global Tablet Vendors For Q1 2017

After revealing the top 5 smartphone vendors this Q1 of 2017, IDC, the intelligence firm has also released the data of the top 5 tablet brands in the world too!
IDC Revealed The Top 5 Global Tablet Vendors For Q1 2017
Huawei had a solid growth while everyone else is on decline

According to IDC's analyst, Q1 of 2017 showed 8.5% decline in worldwide tablet shipment. From 39.6 million units sold last year to just 36.2 million units shipped globally. Four of the top 5 vendors saw a decrease in shipments with the exception of Huawei.
Top 5 tablet vendors data according to IDC
Top 5 tablet vendors data according to IDC

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Interestingly, while everyone is on decline, Huawei managed to raise its tablet shipments from 2 million in Q1 of 2016 to 2.7 million this Q1 of 2017 or 37% in growth.

Top 5 Global Tablet Vendors for Q1 2017

1. Apple - 8.9 million units shipped | 24.6% | -13%
2. Samsung - 6.0 million units shipped | 16.5% | -1.1%
3. Huawei - 2.7 million units shipped | 7.4% | +31.7%
4. Amazon - 2.2 million units shipped | 6.0% | -1.8%
5. Lenovo - 2.1 million units shipped | 5.7% | -3.8%

"A long-term threat to the overall PC market lies in how the market ultimately settles on the detachable versus convertible debate," said Linn Huang, research director, Devices & Displays at IDC. "To date, detachable shipments have dwarfed those of convertibles, but growth of the former has slowed a bit. In IDC's 2017 U.S. Consumer PCD Survey, fielded over the previous two months, detachable owners held slightly more favorable attitudes towards their detachables than convertible owners did for their convertibles. However, owners of both were far more likely to recommend a convertible over a detachable."

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Source: IDC
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