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Apple iPhone X Leaked Geekbench Score Is Faster Than Any Android Device Yet!

Apple has made the iPhone X official earlier, the company's latest top-of-the-line phone. In relation, a mysterious "iPhone10,5" have appeared on Geekbench too.
iPhone X

The "iPhone10,5" have posted an unprecedented 4061 single-core and 9959 multi-core scores. If that is the iPhone X, the we have a new speed king!
iPhone10,5 scores

In comparison, check these numbers from the other modern top smartphones:

1. Samsung Galaxy S8: 2024 single-core, 6279 multi-core
2. OnePlus 5: 1932 single-core, 6495 multi-core
3. Huawei P10: 1865 single-core, 5973 multi-core
4. iPhone 7 Plus: 1825 single-core, 3188 multi-core

The "iPhone10,5" or possibly the iPhone X is definitely way faster than all of those above-mentioned smartphones either Android or even the iPhone 7 Plus.

To blow our minds away further, the multi-core score of the iPhone X is even higher than both the 2017 versions of Macbook Air (5935) and MacBook Pro Core i5 (9194).

While we know that benchmarks aren't everything, the scores that the alleged iPhone X got are still insane for a phone!

Sources: TNW, Kid Pool
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