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Samsung Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo Is Still On-going

After launching their latest soundbar line-up in the country, Samsung Philippines just announced that there's an on-going Soundbar Nationwide Promo!
Samsung Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo Is Still On-going
Samsung Soundbar Festival

Those in-need of soundbars to compliment your Smart TVs at home may still get a chance to own it with as much as 40% discount until September 17, 2017.

On top of the sale, the soundbars will come with FREE items such as Wireless Audio 360 speaker and a Blu-Ray player. 

Meanwhile. those who will purchase soundbar models HW-MS751, HW-MS650, HW-M4501, and HW-M550 will get a FREE wireless rear speakers.

In case you missed it, Samsung is the number 1 in soundbar global sales as of this writing. Samsung soundbars has the promise of providing "theatre" audio quality with the right level of bass at the comfort of your homes.

In addition, Samsung soundbars has wireless connectivity options to connect with your TV and smartphone simultaneously via WiFi and Bluetooth.

For more info, visit samsung.com/ph/offers/ now!
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