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Spigen's OPPO F3 Rugged Case: Definitely A Premium Case

I've been using my OPPO F3's Spigen Rugged Case for quite sometime now and I have to admit I am really impressed. It is durable, feels good in the hand and it is just sexy. It really is worth the price.
Spigen Rugged Case for OPPO F3
Spigen Rugged Case for OPPO F3

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Being true to their "Something you want" slogan, this case is really something I would want. Compared to the jelly case that is included for free with my device, the Spigen case really elevated my phone's feel in the hand. It added a pretty good heft in it, something that the OPPO F3 somewhat lacks.
This Spigen Case is a steal for PHP 400 at Lazada
This Spigen Case is a steal for PHP 400 at Lazada

In addition to that, the matte finish it has really added a much needed grip for the OPPO F3. Just having the device bare is like asking for it to be dropped. It is really slippery and I have nearly dropped it a couple of time. However, with the case, slippage is nearly non-existent.

In terms of protection, the case is pretty thick and tough. The rear camera is pushed into the back so it becomes well protected. I managed to accidentally dropped my phone flat on it's back and the case protected it well. There were no damages on the device as well as the case itself. The front of the case has raised lips so that it protects the screen well.
The tactile buttons are responsive and easy to use.
The tactile buttons are responsive and easy to use.

Finally, the buttons are tactile and easy to press unlike the free case that requires a bit of force to press. It also has a Mil-Grade certified Air Cushion technology in all corners to absorb shock from falls. 

Overall, the Spigen OPPO F3 Rugged Case is well worth your PHP 799. It feels premium yet it maintains a very durable build. And to make it even sweeter, it is on sale at Lazada right now for PHP 400. That's 50% off now!

The more reason for me to recommend it.
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