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Canon Photomarathon has Returned for 2017 at the SMX MOA!

After years of hiatus, Canon Photomarathon is back with bigger stakes and a chance to represent the Philippines for a Photography competition in Japan! 
Canon Photomarathon has Returned for 2017 at the SMX MOA!

The largest on-the-spot photography contest is giving a chance for Filipinos to show the world their skill and prowess and bring the ultimate in #photogoals.

The latest Canon Photomarathon took place in SMX Convention Center in the Mall of Asia Pasay last October 21st, 2017 with an amazing 1000+ turnover! 

Each person who attended was armed with their respective Canon cameras and photography gear.

Several countries in the region have already completed the local legs of the competition. Now, it’s time for Filipinos to flaunt their skills and earn their spot at the Canon PhotoMarathon grand finals in Japan next year, said Kazuhiro Ozawa, President & CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc. 

The Photomarathon returned this year to celebrate and challenge Filipinos anew to produce images that best captures the epitome of the given theme. Quick thinking, creativity and technique is essential with the help of Canon Photographic equipment. These are what participants need to rise above the rest. 

We have noticed that more people are interested in photography than ever before are. This competition is the perfect platform for them to showcase their innate talent and creativity in capturing compelling photos, he added. 

The entries will be judged by esteemed Canon Brand Ambassadors according to the relevance to the theme (50%), creativity in theme interpretation (30%), and the composition of photography with the use of lighting, exposure, and focus (20%). 

The winner will enjoy an all-expense paid trip and will represent the Philippines at the Canon PhotoMarathon grand finals in Japan on 2018. Special prizes will also be given to the owners of the rest of the top five most impressive photos. 

Since its inception in Singapore in 2003 as a platform to bring communities closer together and cultivate the culture of photography, Canon PhotoMarathon has received overwhelming reception among different communities in the Asian region throughout the years. This year, it extends its footprint in Nepal adding to these other participating countries: Brunei, Cambodia, China Mainland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
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