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Meet Samsung Gear 360, High-quality 360 Pictures and Videos?

Companies have been pushing for 360-degree videos for sometime, but has yet to take off. Will Samsung's latest Gear 360 rise above novelty? Let's find out!
Meet Samsung Gear 360 - High-quality 360 Pictures and Videos?
Gear 360!

Video content uploads in recent years have exploded and it makes sense that 360 videos could be the next big thing. Companies see the potential and have been pushing for their own versions of 360 cameras capable of taking pictures and recording footage in 360 goodness.

The Samsung Gear 360 is the Korean giant's answer to this potential market and is compatible with Samsung phones that were released as far back as the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Plus and the iPhone 6s and iPhone SEs.

So it may be a compelling product indeed!

Meet The Samsung Gear 360

Tripod screw mount!
Power and Bluetooth button!
Record button and display!
MicroSD card slot and USB Type-C port!
MicroSD card slot and USB Type-C port!

It is a round teardrop shaped cylinder with a round head that carries the two cameras on both sides. Sensors are placed around the head with the menu/bluetooth and power buttons at the right side.

On the left are the microSD card slot and the USB Type-C port. At the front are the record button and the display. At the back is the Samsung branding.

At the bottom is the strap slit and the tripod screw mount and regulatory logos and information.

The rest of the features

Indoor bright light is good!
Indoor bright light is good!
Indoor lowlight is grainy!
Split screen view on the phone!
Split screen view on the phone!

It can take 360 stills with several configurations and saves the images in JPEG and the video in MP4. You can shoot with both cameras at the same time and individually. There is a time lapse option.

You can set the maximum ISO up to 1600 and the maximum frame rate in all resolution is 10fps which means video will be stuttery and will really only be good for stills and/or timelapse. This is probably due to the processor could not take the high data rate of higher framerates.

You can also add sharpening in app which I find obviously artificial so I turned it off most of the time.

Image quality of the stills are okay. The ultra wide field of view has the typical Samsung saturated colors. In daylight noise control is good and has decent resolution in the middle and softens at the edges. 

In low light the amount of noise varies depending on how dark the environment is. This results in soft resolution images in total dark situations.

Samsung Gear 360 Specs

Cameras: 2 CMOS 8.4MP f/2.2
Battery: 1,160mAh
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz), WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.1, USB Type-C
Sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer
Others: IP53 water and dust resistance
Dimensions: 100.6 x 46.3 x 45.1 mm
Weight: 130 g
Price: PHP 10,990

By the looks of the images and the video quality is that it can still improve. We find it just at acceptable and not stellar. There is potential here however. So if Samsung continues to improve this, we may find a day that 360 stills and videos be truly be the new standard.

What do you guys think?
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