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Epson Continues to Innovate to Support Businesses

Epson recently held a launch event for their new printer innovations. They had their trade and media partners present as they unveil their new Epson Compact Integrated Ink Tank Printer Series.
Epson Continues to Innovate to Support Businesses
Epson is leading in the Ink Tank Printer Market

During the Greatness Re-Engineered launch, Epson not only unveiled their new printer line up but also their achievements in visual imaging development and multi-sectoral usage of their projectors. With their projectors, they are following the same path as their other products with innovations focusing on projector performance improvements and better understanding of the visual tech needs of various sectors. 
They are also promising that their projectors will continue to improve as well
They are also promising that their projectors will continue to improve as well

The new Ink Tank Printer systems shows their commitment to more efficient and better performing products. Business customers have been using their printers because of its reliability and value. This helped Epson maintain their position as one of the leaders in the Philippines and in the global market.

Toshimitsu Tanaka, Epson Philippines Managing Director and President, stated this:

As a technology company, Epson takes great pride in our attention to details and innovation. We aspire to be a company that takes care of every detail using the most innovative technology in the world to meet the demands of the market. And it is our focus on details that has led to our success today.

Furthermore, he added: 

Epson has a vertically integrated model driven by our core technologies that sees us creating products from the ground up – handling every aspect of our product development, manufacture, sale, right down to service and support. And it is this edge that differentiates us from our competitors.

Mr. Tanaka also said that all products unveiled in the event has been manufactured in Epson Precision Philippines Inc. (EPPI). This Epsons manufacturing facility in the country.

Epson is the pioneer brand ib terms of tank printers and for years they have continued to lead the ink tank market for years. They have 70% of the market share in Southeast Asia and 55% in the Philippines. They also have over 20 Million Epson Ink tank printers sold worldwide since 2010.

Jester Cruz, Department Head for Product Management Division for Epson PH explained it further here:

Since IDC started tracking the market in 1996, no vendor in the long history of this highly competitive industry was able to command a market share more than 50%.Despite other brands’ entry into the ink tank space last 2014 and 2015, Epson’s domination of this segment is apparent. IDC showed that in the 1st half of 2017, Epson sold more than 3 times the quantity other brands have sold, combined. At 77% market share in the ink tank space, it has become very obvious, ink tank is Epson, and Epson is ink tank.

With their dominance in the ink tank printer market, they are looking to enter the laser markets as well. They are going to focus their resources to manufacture printers that can allow the print technology to shift from laser to inkjets seamlessly.
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