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Eastern Communications relaunch to focus on Tech Innovations and Human Connections

Eastern Communications had a brand relaunch that aims to expand on their principle of strong and personal connection to their customers with tech innovations.
Eastern Communications Brand Relaunch
Eastern Communications Brand relaunch

Eastern Communications relaunches through its "Our Strong Connection" campaign. After providing customers with reliable and affordable connectivity solutions for 138 years, they want to bring tech innovations and human connection together.

Eastern Communications is one of the Philippines' biggest telecommunication companies. They pioneered the first data center in the country and paving way for connecting to other parts of the Pacific. They have sites in Metro Manila, Baguio, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Cebu.

Throughout their 138 year tenure, they built strong partnerships with big industry players, government agencies, institutions, SMEs and even residential households. They are also the first and only major telco company to acquire the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Eastern Communications Marketing Division Head Catherine Muynila stated this:

This is our two-pronged approach to our new brand – high tech means that we offer products and services that are at par with other telecommunication companies but we are also high touch as we offer personalized customer service to our clients. While we strive to give our customers products and services that are both timely and innovative, we will never lose sight of the people who will actually use the technology.

Furthermore, she added:

What makes Eastern Communications unique is that we are large enough and with our long history, have expertise at par with other large telcos but we are just the right size to deliver on our promise of responsive and personalized customer service. We are business made especially personal.

Eastern Communications is set to reveal their new internet portfolio this year including its Internet Direct Service products and internet solutions specifically made for SMEs. They will also continue to expand their network modernization program.
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