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Filipinos abroad can now call for FREE via PLDT, Smart, Sun, or TNT via Free Bee app!

Filipinos abroad can now can now make long distance calls to their families here via PLDT, Smart, Sun, or TNT  through this new FREE service from PLDT.
Filipinos abroad can now call for FREE via PLDT, Smart, Sun, or TNT via Free Bee app!
Free Bee

Those who want to avail just simply needs to download the mobile application, Free Bee. OFWs can also avail a free 2-minute call upon listening to a sponsored ad while on a data connection or over WiFi.

Meanwhile, families in the Philippines who receive the calls made through the app do not need to download the app, connect to the internet, or even own a smartphone.

Free Bee is available both on Android and iOS devices. It was launched by the PLDT Global Corp., PLDT's International marketing, sales, and operating arm. Cebu Pacific GetGo is among the first partners of the Free Bee app rewards program. For every download of the app entitles the subscriber to GetGo points that can be converted and used for purchasing flights back to the Philippines.

The Free Bee app also offers Premium Voice Buckets that can be purchased for an ad-free calling experience. It also offers affordable IDD rates for as low as USD$ 0.01 per minute.

There is still a huge number of Filipinos working abroad that OFWs are still considered to be among the primary forces that drive the country's economy contributing more than $28 billion in remittances as reported last year (2017). Smartphones and apps are the preferred ways to keep in touch with their families.

As overseas remittances continue to drive our economy, more brands are targeting their messages toward overseas Filipinos.  Free Bee is a channel for brands to reach out to this key target market and communicate their offers directly to the bread-winners and decision-makers of the family, said Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT Global President and CEO.

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