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Kevler BT-202 Review - Worth your PHP 1,599?

Kevler has launched its products designed for the home in the country earlier this month. The brand is known for making professional audio systems for large scale events.
Kevler BT-202 Review - Worth your PHP 1,599?
Meet the Kevler BT-202

One of the recently launched products by Kevler is the BT-202. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that retails for PHP 1,599. The Kevler BT-202 is easy to connect to your smartphone or any gadget that has Bluetooth connectivity. It has a dedicated aux port (3.5mm), and USB 2.0 for charging, and built-in FM Radio.

But does your PHP 1,599 deserve to be spent on Kevler BT-202 Wireless Speaker? Here’s our full review!

Kevler BT-202 Specs

Bluetooth version: 4.2 + EDR
Battery: 1200mAh
Frequency range: 150Hz-18KHz
Power Input: 3W / 2A
Price: PHP 1,599

Disclaimer: This unit was seeded by the Digital Focus, the local company that handles Kevler for the Philippines. However, rest assured that our review will be unbiased always.

Unboxing / Accessories

Inside Kevler BT-202
What's inside Kevler BT-202 

The Kevler BT-202 is housed on a rectangular box that has prints of the overview of the specifications of the unit.

Inside you’ll find the Kevler BT-202 wireless speaker covered with a plastic, 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux cable, USB 2.0 cable for charging, and a mini manual for the set of instructions on how to use the unit. 

Build Quality / Design

At the back of Kevler BT202
At the back 

The Kevler BT-202 has a fully rubber-covered body except for the main face that has grille metal design with “Kevler Swiss Tech” branding on the lower right side. Overall, the speaker will last long given its durable physical design.

Minimalist and attractive!

It has a dual color design of Mustard Yellow and Black that makes a minimalist and attractive speaker and blends well in any colored spot.


Control buttons of the Kevler BT-202
Control buttons of the Kevler BT-202

Setting up the Kevler BT-202 is as easy as setting up any wireless speaker available today. Just simply turn on the speaker by moving the power button to the left.

Its blue light indicator will start blinking as a voice will say “Bluetooth” and two short beeps indicating that the speaker is ready to pair. Just choose the “BT-202” on your device to pair with the speaker and you’re all set!

It was an easy set up for me pairing my smartphone with the Kevler BT-202. The “M” button placed on the leftmost of the button row on the top of the speaker switches the speaker’s mode from Bluetooth to FM Radio.

To increase the volume, just simply hold the "+" button and hold the "-" to lower volume down. The speaker has its own play and pause button and lastly, it has a dedicated button for answering calls.

Sound Quality

Kevler BT-202
Minimalist and attractive portable speaker
Getting the best possible sound from Kevler BT-202 is as easy as connecting, tuning to the volume that suits you, and enjoying it.

The Kevler BT-202 can deliver you nice music wherever you go.

Sound is smooth. Bass is punchy. This speaker produces decent sound and can give you satisfaction for its price point.

Clarity of the sound is alright as expected. On bassy tracks, you can hear the BT-202 would give you the right amount of bass you’ll look for a portable speaker.

For the loudness, the Kevler BT-202 can go really loud and can fill up to a medium-sized room considering its portability. However, when you crank it to the highest volume, expect sound distortion, but it will be very minimal.

Pros - Portable, punchy bass, smooth sound
Cons - minimal distortion on max loudness, no microSD


The Kevler BT-202 is the latest portable speaker available in the market that will satisfy you with a decent sound at affordable price point. Your PHP 1,599 definitely deserve to be spent on the Kvel BT-202.

We just wish that it has a microSD slot aside from Bluetooth connectivity as an option for music source.

The Kevler BT-202 is available nationwide at Ansons Emporium, the SM Department Store, Imperial Appliance, Gaisano Mall, Metro Gaisano Department Store, the Electronics Boutique, SM Supermarket, Savers Appliance, CSI Appliance, LYR Group, NCCC, and Solidmark.

Build/Design - 4.5
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 4.16 / 5
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