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WWDC 2018: Apple now has their own Samsung AR Emoji, the Memoji!

At the WWDC 2018, Apple announced a major update for the Animoji and their answer to Samsung's AR Emoji, the Memoji!

Basically, the Memoji will allow you to create an human-like Animoji of yourself instead of the chicken, pigs, dogs, and poop characters before. Apple's Memoji basically brings an animated "you" to your iPhone which you can send to your friends via iMessage. 

You can also save it and send it to your favorite messaging app like Facebook Messenger and post it on social media like Instagram.

Now, Apple users may use the front camera system on the notch on top to track a user's face and deliver recorded messages in a pretty cool way, just like Samsung's custom AR Emoji.

Apple will allow you to customize your recorded face, change hairstyles, change 
skin and eye color, add accessories like earrings, and more. It can even track user's tongues.

This feature will be available for those who has the iPhone X on iOS 12.

What do you think guys?

Sources: ShackNewsTechCrunch
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