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Huawei updates Mate 10 series, now has face unlock tech!

Huawei just seeded an update for the Mate 10 smartphones. The update include the convenient face unlock feature and a Google security patch.
Huawei updates Mate 10 series, now has face unlock tech!
Face unlock!

The face unlock feature works should work the speedy face unlock of the Huawei P20 series. It can easily unlock your phone by just putting the phone in front of your face even without pressing the power button.

It also has a direct unlock option (auto unlock when your face is recognized), slide to unlock (after the face is recognized, slide the screen to unlock the phone), and smart lock screen notifications.

Aside from the face unlock feature, the update also include the Google security patch for improved system security last May.

To update just select system, click system update, and press the update button. Also make sure that you have at stable internet connectivity and enough battery life before updating.

The update goes with 807MB in size.

In the near future, Huawei will also update the Mate 10 series to get the GPU Turbo tech.

We also heard some new that the Mate 10 series will get the AIS feature to make handheld night shots work and the 960 fps super slow motion feature soon.

Are you excited to update your phone?

Stay tuned for more info!
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