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Philippine Airlines has new airbus featuring socket for USB charging, WiFi, and more!

The country's flagship airline has now a new Airbus for the utmost comfortable long-haul flight carrying a top carrier's features.
Philippine Airlines has new airbus featuring socket for USB charging, WiFi, and more!
Philippine Airlines Airbus A350

Philippine Airlines unveiled last Tuesday their latest Airbus A350 that brings their non-stop tri-class flights to the next level.

PAL Airbus A350's business class boasts 30 seats with a 78-inch full-flat bed plus plush duvet for the passenger's maximum comfort. It also has a built-in massage system and seat control unit. 

The business class now has a personal device holder next to an 18.5-inch TV screen with a personal remote control coupled with noise-canceling headphones.

For its 24 premium economy seats, PAL's new Airbus allows up to 38-inch seat pitch for a wider legroom plus up to 8-inch recline of the seats coupled with built-in leg rest and footrest. 

The premium economy class has 13.3-inch TV screens and are pairable with the passenger's personal devices. Beneath the TV screens is additional storage space. 

There are 241 economy class seats that have up to 33-inch seat pitches and up to 6-inch recline of the seats. Its 11.6-inch TV screens are also pairable with the passenger's personal devices. 

Both the business and premium economy class have power outlets for the passenger's devices.

Meanwhile, all seat classes of PAL's Airbus A350 have USB charging ports, 3-mode reading lights, cabin mood lighting, adjustable 4-way headrests, and Wi-Fi connection.

The Philippine Airlines' Airbus A350 is flying non-stop to New York and London.

This is something to be proud of our 4-star local airline company! 

Are you flying to the Airbus A350's destinations soon? What are your thoughts on this? 

Let us know in the comments!

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