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Huawei Nova 3's 9 new photography features

Huawei touts the Nova 3 as the "Photography Superstar" and for good reason. They put a lot of features on the Nova 3's cameras and here are 9 that stand out.
Huawei Nova 3 camera features
Huawei Nova 3 camera features

Selfies with Dual AI Cameras

A lot of other phones rely on beautifying tools when it comes to selfies. However, a lot of times they produce unnatural looking selfies. The Nova 3 features a dual selfie camera setup that sports a 24MP f/2.0 camera and a secondary 2MP sensor for natural looking bokeh effect.
Here are the 8 categories
Here are the 8 categories

The Dual AI capabilities for both the front and rear cameras allow the Nova 3 to recognize more than 200 scenarios in 8 categories and will then optimize the settings for the best results. It also supports the 3D LUT color management system that helps in night shots.

HDR Pro even at night

The Nova 3 can use HDR Pro even at night
The Nova 3 can use HDR Pro even at night

A lot of times, photographers always a problem with overexposure especially when they don't have control with their lighting situation. Huawei's R&D team developed a solution that utilize both the Nova 3's hardware and software. It is equipped with a multi-spot metering that optimizes and adjusts the exposure for an HDR effect.

Note: The Nova 3 also has a robust pro mode with up to 30s shutter speed. It also has a night mode with auto long exposure and light painting modes.

3D Portrait Dynamic Lighting Effects

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. You can achieve a lot of great photos with the help of great lighting. The Huawei Nova 3 supports five 3D portrait lighting effects which are soft lighting, butterfly lighting, stage lighting, split lighting and classic lighting.

3D Qmojis and 3D Gesture Effects for Selfies

You can even use the Qmojis
You can even use the Qmojis

Huawei Nova 3's demographic is aimed towards the younger generation who loves sharing selfie stickers on their social media accounts. The Nova 3 offers a fun way to take selfies with the Qmojis and Gesture Effects. The device will read and imitate the user's facial expressions to create a 3D Qmoji stickers.

Movie Portrait Mode

The Huawei Nova 3 supports a new movie portrait mode that allows users to shoot cinematic selfies. This allows the cameras to have a wider field of vision and aperture that gives the photos a good bokeh effect.

More Natural AI Beautification

Some AI Beautification modes produce unrealistic selfies due to non-optimized filters. The Nova 3's AI Beautification mode's algorithms are optimized to give you a more natural looking beautified selfies.

AI Super-Resolution Graphics Processing

Old camera technologies struggle to capture the finer details of its subject. Nova 3 uses the NPU's DNN layer to analyze every nook and cranny of an image such as its edges, corners and curves. It will automatically adjust its settings to sharpen the edges and produce images with clearer details.

AI Portrait Mode

The Huawei Nova 3 is designed to capture great looking portrait shots. That is why it is equipped with an NPU layer to accurately recognize your skin texture, contour, color gradient, lighting, skin and even facial expressions to create the best selfie possible.

480 fps Slow Motion

The Nova 3 is also equipped with a 480 fps slow motion feature that allows the rear cameras to take slow motion videos. It is also AI-assisted to create good looking slow-mo videos.

The Huawei Nova 3 is in pre-order until August 10 and will be officially available on August 11 for the price of PHP 25,990 with a free premium Bluetooth speaker.

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