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Grab introduces GrabChat photo sharing to battle ride cancellations

Grab introduces a new photo sharing feature in GrabChat so that you can send a photo of your location to the driver to battle ride cancellations.

Grab introduces GrabChat photo sharing to battle ride cancellations
GrabChat photo sharing

It is the company's effort to combat the number of ride cancellations due to the driver and rider not seeing each other. They know it is frustrating and costly to both sides.

They first mitigated this problem with the launch of GrabChat back in 2017 which is an In-App chat feature to allow communication between the driver and rider.

It is already making a difference with a big drop in cancellation rate with over 44 percent of all bookings using GrabChat in the Philippines. GrabChat reduced cancellations to up to 50 percent in Southeast Asia.

Now they are looking to improve this with the addition of the ability to share photos to drivers. This is helpful in terms of providing the driver more information about your pick up spot just in case of a busy area.

You can snap a photo of you while standing in front of your pick up point. Grab also plans to allow drivers to send photos to riders as well later in the year to show where they are parked.

How to use GrabChat photo sharing?

The newest feature of Grab to combat ride cancellations

1. All you need to do is capture a new image of your location.
2. Send the photo to the driver.
3. It is that easy!

Only passengers are allowed to send the image for now.

Good effort Grab! Could this really lessen the misunderstanding between drivers and passengers which leads to ride cancellations?

What do you guys think? 
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