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3rd telco player to be named before year ends

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is keeping its year-end target of naming the third telco player as mandated by President Rodrigo Duterte. 
3rd telco player to be named before year ends
DICT-NTC officials

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After it released the final rules determining the new major player, the DICT reiterated its commitment to award frequencies before Christmas of this year. 

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Head Gamaliel Cordoba recently said the final submission of bids would be on November 7. Potential bidders would are also given time to clarify things, which will be answered by the DICT and NTC.

Prospective bidders can submit their questions to newmajorplayer@ntc.gov.ph.

HERE is the final timeline set by the DICT and NTC

DICT Acting Chief Eliseo Rio said the timeline was really being pushed as the President, himself, gave them a deadline.

He [President Duterte] has been listening to us [for] a more realistic timeline. But I think now, as I’ve said this is the deadliest deadline. I think the industry has to accept this. 

It was last year when Duterte opened the local telco industry to foreign firms as to improve the telecommunications services in the Philippines. 

Let's hope for the best for our telco sector! Are you excited to know the new major player? 

Source: DICT
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