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TikTok to launch "Year in Rewind" to look back at 2018

TikTok to launch the "Year in Rewind" on December 24 to feature their chart toppers of 2018.
Here are TikTok's Most Popular lists of 2018
Here are TikTok's Most Popular lists of 2018

Year in Rewind 2018

To those who missed it, the TikTok craze is a world-wide phenomenon with celebrities like Japanese singer KyaryPamyuPamyu, K-Pop chart toppers WINNER and BLACKPINK, rapper Daddy Yankerr amd social media personality Baby Ariel using it as another outlet of their creativity.

Currently, these users has up to 30 million followers on the platform.

Locally, young talents such as Ranz Kyle, Andrea Brilliantes, AC Bonifacio, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber and Maine Mendoza are also taking advantage of TikTok's short form videos. These allowed these Filipino artists make it to the TikTok's top list.

It also housed some interesting challenges such as the "Raindrop Challenge", "Lens Challenge" and "Make-up Challenge" that encourages creativity and confidence in one's talent.

It also had campaigns such as the "1 Million Audition" that got 12,506 entries and 220, 312, 884 views. The campaign gave everyone a chance to not only capture special moments in their loves but also celebrate creativity and diversity through their content.
TikTok will have a "My Year in Rewind" feature to review your 2018
TikTok will have a "My Year in Rewind" feature to review your 2018

TikTok also revealed their 2018 Year in Rewind showcasing TikTok's most popular music trends, creators, celebrities and challenges. 

If you have your own TikTok account, you can revisit your 2018 with their "My Year in Rewind" feature. This allows you to have a personalized trip down 2018's memory lane that shows you your journey on the platform. The feature will be launching on December 24, 2018.

TikTok is available for download via the Google Play Store for Android and through the Apple App Store for iOS.
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