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ASUS may release a smartphone with dual slider design

Taiwan-based ASUS is looking to launch a 5G-compatible smartphone with dual sliders. 
ASUS may release a smartphone with dual slider design
ASUS unveils a dual slider design

A dual slider design by the company has been released to the media, showing a dual selfie camera on top equipped with powerful LED lights for great illumination even in low light. 

The bottom part, meanwhile, has a front-firing loudspeaker. GSMarena also said that this section could also house additional camera controls for the main camera. 

Dummy units
Dummy units

ASUS did not just revealed the designs, but it also made dummy units of the device to try out its ergonomics. 

The design allows a high screen to body ratio without sacrificing the selfie camera or redirecting the loudspeakers, like how Huawei did to its P30. 

The second version, however, seems to not allow the use of extra camera controls for selfies when the slider is down. 

We might see one of the designs for the upcoming ZenFone 6, which is set to be revealed on May 16. 

More than a month to go before its official launch, so stay tuned!

Source: GSMarena
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