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ARM suspension will have little effect, according to a report

In compliance with the recent US trade ban, ARM recently sent a memo to its employees stating all their businesses with Huawei is suspended.
ARM suspension will have little effect, according to a report
The Kirin 980 7nm processor

Huawei can design processors independently?

Many thought that it is a huge blow to Huawei as their chips are currently built with ARM's technology. It could affect the company's ability to develop their own chips.

But according to a report, Huawei is prepared to weather the storm.

A February 2019 report from China stated that Huawei has obtained a permanent license for ARMv8 architecture. ARM8 is the 32/64-bit instruction set of ARM.

It means that the Chinese tech giant can completely design ARM processors independently and master core technologies complete with intellectual property rights.

The report also stated that Huawei has the ability to independently develop ARM processors for a long time.

If this report is true, the ARM suspension will have little effect to the company.

Current 7nm chips based on ARM architecture designed by Huawei are the Kunpeng 920 and Kirin 980.

Hopefully, there will be a resolution in the ongoing US-China trade dispute though.

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What do you guys think?

Source: Sina
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