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Samsung One UI is now on Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3

Samsung rolled out a software update that brings One UI and new features to the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3.
Samsung One UI is now on Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3
Samsung One UI is now on Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3

One UI for wearables

One UI brings a new bold, new and colorful user interface with a design focus for natural and comfortable navigation. It also reduces visual clutter for a cleaner and more intuitive look.

This update gives the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3 a simpler interface which with the aim of eliminating unnecessary elements that may cause distractions.

Samsung said that it is now easier to read, navigate and overall gives a more comfortable usability. This also opens up the ability to synchronize your Galaxy Watch with Galaxy devices with One UI. 

One UI also brings more streamlines visual settings that allows users easier customization and control over their device. Advanced settings such as toggling touch Wake-up, controlling the frequency and timing of daily briefing updates and toggling Goodnight mode are also added.

Watch faces that were exclusive for the Galaxy Watch Active are also now available for download.

Samsung added improvements with the Health and Fitness features of these devices as well. 

There is a new Daily Activities screen that features an at-a-glance daily summary of the user's daily calorie, movement and workout counts.

There is also a new, easier and quicker workout tracker. You can now utilize both the widger and Samsung Health app to start tracking your progress. Of course, workout data is synced between the wearable device and smartphone.

Lastly, the update brings a better heart rate monitoring solution with the High Heart Rate Alert that notifies the user if their heart rate exceeds a pre-determined level.

Sleep tracking is also now more detailed with data now including user's average sleep range compared to the typical range in their age group.

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