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Marshall "Hit the Road" portable Bluetooth speakers now official in PH!

London based audio manufacturer Marhsall has just announced three new portable Bluetooth speakers in the Philippines.
Marshall Hit the Road portable Bluetooth speakers now official in PH!

Hit the road with new Marshall speakers

Marshall's new Hit the road series of speakers aim to make travelling even better by bringing the music with you with three new portable Bluetooth speakers.

1. Tufton - The largest and most powerful of Marshall's portable speakers. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0 which gives it a maximum range of 30 feet. It is engineered to produce sound from a tweeter, mid-range and a subwoofer that produce clear and articulate sound in a true 360-degree Blumlein Stereo Sound experience. It is priced at 27,990.
Kilburn II
Kilburn II

2. Kilburn II - This multi-directional speaker comes in 2.5kg but is the loudest speaker in its class that comes at 36 watts. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX technology. It is priced at 20,990.
Stockwell II
Stockwell II

3. Stockwell II - An ultra compact speaker that weighs only 1.4kg that utilizes the Blumlein Stereo sound construction that provide multi-directional experience indoor or outdoor. This comes from the of the three class D amplifiers that power the subwoofer, front and rear facing tweeters. The result is powerful and clear sound. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0. It is priced at PHP 16,990.

All three speakers promise more than 20 hours of continuous playback and are IP rated.

Price and availability

Tufton - PHP 27,990
Kilburn II - PHP 20,990
Stockwell II - PHP 16,990

All three speakers are now available in Digital Walker stores nationwide.

What do you guys think?
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