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JuanCash, JuanExchange launched in Philippine market

Zybi Tech Inc. seeks to boost financial inclusion in the country as it introduced two innovative products for Filipinos.
JuanCash, JuanExchange launched in Philippine market
Raymond Ong, Chairman, and CEO, Zybi Tech, Inc.

Imagine PayMaya and GCash, but with an option to trade cryptocurrencies

The company just introduced JuanCash, an electronic money issuer (EMI) app, and virtual currency exchange (VCE) trading platform, JuanExchange, in a bid to make a mark in the government's push for financial inclusion.

Zybi Tech strives in improving further the constant pursuit of empowering the current financial inclusion initiatives in the country, serving the unbanked and underbanked communities. JuanCash and JuanExchange’s goals are to bring financial services closer to every Filipino, and to bridge the gap between fintech and the common Filipino people, with innovations readily available within every Juan’s reach.

It said the EMI app offers a wide array of digital services, allowing its users to manage their finances and expenses. JuanCash has features like mobile prepaid loading, bills and utility payment, as well as fund transfer.

It is also equipped with a scan-to-pay technology where users can just use a unique QR code for sending and receiving money. 


Aside from those, JuanCash also enables users to trade cryptocurrencies using the app wallet.

The app can be download from Google Play and App Store. 

Subsequently, Zybi Tech claimed its JuanExchange is secured to protect its users' data. It added that every cryptocurrency listed on this platform is not only available to the international market, but these assets are also available to a future network of international partner exchanges.

You can access the JuanExchange platform through the JuanCash app, or users may opt to log on to https://www.juanexchange.com/.

Promising? Is this the possible PayMaya/GCash competitor?
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