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LG filed for V60S and K50S trademarks before IFA 2019

South Korean company LG Electronics labeled its upcoming models V60S and K50S even before IFA 2019, which is happening in September. The filing was submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) last August 2.
LG is set to release new smartphone models

Is there a meaning behind V60S and K50S names?

The "S" in the naming scheme may not refer to an upgrade or a downgrade, thus there are no assumptions about the "S" on the LG V60S an LG K50S. As an example, the G8S ThinQ was launched after LG G8 and it can be observed that it is a downgrade compared to the latter in terms of screen resolution and charging support. However, there was a small but considerable upgrade in LG V30s over V30.

It is already confirmed that LG V60 will be released this IFA 2019 as an upgrade to V50. The company has been teasing about the V60’s dual-screen phone but other specs are still unknown so LG V60s specs must be ranging in the middle of these two models. About the LG K50, since it’s a beginner phone there’s not much to say about its specs, but then the K50s can be considered an improvement of this model.

Meanwhile, the LG G8X is said to spark more interest and because G8s is taken, the X is the continuation of 4G premium series while the V series is 5G. The LG V60, V60s, and G8X will be unveiled at IFA while both G8 and G8s are released at the MWC.

Source: GSMArena
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