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Snap announces Spectacles 3 with dual HD cameras

Snap Inc. launched the new Spectacles 3, the third iteration of the camera/glasses. It has two HD cameras that can capture in 3D.
Snap announces Spectacles 3 with dual HD cameras
Spectacles 3

Meet the Spectacles 3

Spectacles 3 have 2 HD cameras placed on both sides. These cameras can capture both photos and videos in 3D. Then the images and videos can then be transferred and viewed via the Snapchat app. The 3D effect can be enjoyed by tilting your phone around to activate the perception of depth.

You can also use the bundled 3D Viewer which is a cardboard contraption for holding your phone which is similar to Google Cardboard. Here, you can easily maneuver your head to enjoy your 3D footage.

The Spectacles 3 can produce a 1642 x 1642 image or a 1216 x 1216 video. Since they have a square aspect ratio, you can view either footage via your phone in portrait or landscape mode and the video will stay in the same perspective.

It also has 4GB of onboard storage that can store up to 1,200 photos or up to 100 videos. The battery can be used for up to 70 video recordings or over 200 photos and will charge for 75 minutes. The glasses can charge within its carrying case which charges via USB-C port.

The Spectacles 3 is priced at USD 380 (around PHP 19.9K before taxes and duties. The price increase brings it over twice the price of the glasses' second iteration

It is now available on pre-order and will start shipping in September. Local availability is not yet confirmed but we will update you once we have any information.

Source: Snap
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