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Apple AirPods Pro announced, comes with ANC, priced at PHP 14,990!

Apple has just announced the AirPods Pro, premium true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation.
Apple AirPods Pro announced, comes with ANC
Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro highlights

It uses an IPX4 sweat and water-resistant body with a customizable fit for comfort and custom high-excursion Apple driver for improved audio quality.
The tech inside
The tech inside

Apple stated that it has an Adaptive EQ mode which automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for a rich, consistent listening experience. It has an inward-facing microphone that "hears" sound as you do to fine-tune the audio by automatically adjusting the mid and low frequencies.

Then, there's an amplifier powering the speaker driver to remove background noise and works with the H1 chip to control listening levels.

A super-efficient high dynamic range amplifier produces pure, incredibly clear sound while also extending battery life.

The tech behind AirPods Pro's intelligent type of ANC (active noise cancellation) is its use of an outward-facing microphone that detects external sound, then the AirPods Pro counter it with equal anti-noise to cancel the external sound before you hear it.

There is also an inward-facing microphone listens inside your ear for unwanted sound, which is also eliminated with anti-noise.

Moreover, the company said that it has continuous noise cancellation 200 times per second.

AND, if you want to hear what's around you, all you need to do is press and hold the force sensor to activate the "Transparency" mode.

The force sensor can let you easily control music and calls along with switching between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes.

There is this Apple-designed H1 chip that employs 10 audio cores to create incredibly low audio processing latency that enables real-time noise cancellation.

To improve call clarity in windy situations, the AirPods Pro also features 
an expanded mesh microphone port.

It connects via Bluetooth 5.0 tech.

According to Apple, 1 full charge is equal to 4.5 hours of usage. 5 minutes of charge is around 1 hour of listening time and it has up to 24 hours with the case.

The case, as expected, has wireless charging capabilities. It is also 
compatible with Qi-certified chargers.

Of course, it has Siri and Audio Sharing.

The earpiece measures at 30.9 x 24 x 21.8 mm and weighs 5.4 grams. The wireless case measures at 60.6 x 45.2 x 21.7 mm and weighs 45.6 grams.

The new AirPods Pro will be available on October 30 for USD 249 or around PHP 12.7K out of straight conversion without taxes and duties yet.

Update: It is priced at PHP 14,990 in the Philippines.

Source: Apple
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