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Huawei might launch an all-screen phone with USC on October 17

Huawei has revealed today that it will launch a new all-screen phone on October 17 in Paris, France.
Huawei might launch an all-screen phone with USC on October 17
Huawei's teaser image

Under the screen camera phone soon?

The teaser image has a text that reads "Une Nouvelle Gamme De Smartphone Arrive". When translated into English, it means that a range of phones is coming.

So, we won't be surprised if Huawei will introduce a range of smartphones.

Based on the render on the teaser image, it is an all-screen phone with tiny bezels. On the upper right side of the screen, there is a sparkle that could be for the selfie camera.

It is expected to be an In-Display selfie camera, not just your regular punch-hole selfie camera. It might be mixed with an In-Display fingerprint reader as well.

Earlier this year, both OPPO and Xiaomi teased prototypes of phones with upcoming screen innovation, the under-display selfie camera technology.

To recall, when the selfie cam is not in use, the selfie camera won't be visible, it will only be activated when needed.

If Huawei is successful, it will be the very first phone in the market with such tech.

What do you guys think?

Source: Jeb Su
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