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Realme Philippines: What have they done differently?


In the 11 months realme has been in the country, the brand has proven itself to be a tough contender in the cutthroat smartphone market. With its quality and powerful yet affordable smartphones, realme has perfected the formula for success.
Realme Philippines: What have they done differently?
Shot from the realme XT with 64MP camera

Armed with a marketing strategy that strongly appeals to Filipinos, realme has managed to cement itself as a powerful brand in a short span of time.

Realme's milestone-filled 11 months in the Philippines have made them a brand to watch out for

Realme has gone from a name that no one knows to a brand that is celebrated in less than a year. How did the brand do it? Here’s why realme is a brand you should look out for.

1. Quality, value-for-money devices

Realme 5 Pro
Realme 5 Pro

One of realme's greatest drivers for success is its bang for the buck, quality mobile devices. Beyond advertising and marketing efforts, their devices quickly gained a following for never-before-seen specifications packed in entry-level smartphones.
A shot from the realme 5 Pro
A shot from the realme 5 Pro

Filipinos get to enjoy the benefits of features such as a powerful chipset, multiple camera setups, and big battery for a price that won’t break the bank.

2. Premium features for less

Realme 5, the most affordable quad-cam phone yet
Realme 5, the most affordable quad-cam phone yet

On top of more than capable specifications, realme is also known to pack boosting features such as Night mode to the budget smartphone market. This along with Chromaboost are not just features that look good on paper, these have been proven to really bring images to life with color accuracy and details.

The brand, also, with its latest offering the realme 5 was able to pack a 4-camera system in a phone with a base price of PHP 6,990.

Realme phones also have most of the frequency bands needed in the Philippines like the Band 28 700MHz 4G LTE to enjoy stable and fast internet connection.

3. Targeting the right market

Realme knows to whom their phones appeal to. With this knowledge, they create campaigns around a phone’s strong features, such as cameras or processing power to appeal to the right market. The brand has held events for gamers like its Mobile Legends tourneys, as well as promotions for those into photography. Doing these has allowed the brand to expand its community of users exponentially by gaining their loyalty.

4. Aftersales support

Apart from fun activities, realme users know that the brand has their backs with a growing list of service centers nationwide. As of this writing, there are 23 authorized service centers they could come to and a lot of stores that would cater to any of their modifying or upgrading needs. 

This accessibility coupled with constant operating system updates, warranty, and best-in-class features makes realme a brand worthy to be celebrated.

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