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Call of Duty Zombies, controller support coming to Mobile!

Activision confirms that the popular and highly requested Call of Duty Zombies mode and controller support is coming to Mobile! 
Call of Duty Zombies, controller support coming to Mobile!
Call of Duty Mobile to get Zombies soon

Zombies will hit COD Mobile soon!

Activision did not reveal any official release date yet but stated that it will be arriving soon. The company state that Zombies have been one of the most asked questions in the COD Mobile community and now they are saying that the mode will be out before you know it.

Zombies as a mode have been an integral part of the COD franchise when it was introduced in World at War. In this mode, 4 people team up to survive waves after waves of zombies as they finish different objectives. Some iterations of the game mode also had some Easter Eggs that require specific steps to unlock.

There are also some updates lined up for November including new challenges in Battle Royale, evens, new personal milestones, 2X Weapon XP for BR mode, and Call of Duty Endowment Pack. Free-For-All is also coming on November 8 for those lone wolves out there.

Controller support coming as well?

Activision of COD Mobile controller support
Activision of COD Mobile controller support

Lastly, there was also a quick note with regards to controller support. Activision is adding that soon and just cleaning up the implementation in-game as well as how it impacts matchmaking.

What do you guys think?

Source: Activision
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