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PayMaya partners with Western Union, users can get up to PHP 1,500 cashback

PayMaya teamed up with Western Union for a cashback promo that gets you up to PHP 1,500 reward.
PayMaya partners with Western Union, users can get up to PHP 1,500 cashback
Earn up to PHP 1,500 total cashback with Western Union via PayMaya

PayMaya, Western Union cashback promo

If you receive Western Union remittance through your PayMaya account then you are entitled to earn up to PHP 1,500 of cashback rewards. The ability to receive Western Union remittance is one of the many things you can do with your PayMaya account.

You can also pay your bills, send money to your loved ones, buy prepaid load and gaming pins, and even order groceries online to accommodate your busy schedule. Add the cashback and different exclusive promos, PayMaya not only provides a convenient way of managing your money but also a rewarding payment experience.

With this promo, each time you receive your Western Union remittance via PayMaya, you can earn a cashback of PHP 50, PHP 100, PHP 500. You can get up to a total PHP 1,500 cashback within the promo period that lasts until February 2, 2020.

Here are the steps to enjoy the promo:

1. Claim at least P1,500 Western Union remittance using your upgraded PayMaya account. Just go to the “Add Money” function, tap Western Union, key in your remittance details, and tap receive.

The funds will be instantly available in your PayMaya wallet and can be immediately used for your payment needs.

2. Spend at least P500 to pay your bills, send money, or shop online or in regular stores.

PayMaya is also offering a chance to win PHP 10,000 in PayMaya credits by completing the aforementioned steps. You will get the cashback plus a chance to win PayMaya credits. Ten raffle winners of PHP 10,000 worth of credits will be chosen by February 13, 2020.

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