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UK ignores Trump, will use Huawei's 5G technology

Despite the warning from the US, the British government has already decided to use Huawei's 5G equipment in their country.
UK ignores Trump, will use Huawei's 5G technology
File photo: Huawei 5G demo on a Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G smartphone

Why did the UK government allow Huawei to be used for 5G?

Two weeks ago, a US representative went to Britain to convince its government to follow Trump’s lead on its policy against Huawei. This policy is based on allegations that Huawei products can be used by the communist Chinese government for spying. Chinese tech giant Huawei denied this claim all throughout the US ban.

Since then, the Trump government has been advising its allies not to use Huawei for their networks. Japan and Australia had listened to this warning, but other countries like Germany chose to ignore it. During the meeting with US delegates, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the only option is to use Huawei’s gears. 

The said tech giant is said to be the biggest manufacturing equipment, with its 30 percent share in the market worldwide. Aside from that, it can offer affordable pricing and financing terms for customers and still deliver high-quality equipment.

According to the New York Times, it was decided by Britain not to ban Huawei’s equipment from its 5G networks. However, the British government will have a restriction on the part that will be utilized for sensitive functions.  An official from the Trump government stated that, will restrict the parts from being used near "sensitive functions." 

A senior Trump official told CNBC that "The United States is disappointed by the UK’s decision." Additionally, another official told his British counterpart that using Huawei for 5G is "nothing short of madness."

Even though the US banned Huawei from its supply chain, it did not cause much damage to the company’s global phone shipments and 5G network infrastructure global deployment.

On the other hand, there were US companies that were affected financially so there were debates in the Trump administration on whether to loosen the restriction or not.

In the meantime, the US is searching for solutions on how to fund Huawei’s competitors in networking gear. Last 2019, the administration persuade Oracle and Cisco to compete but both companies did not enter the market.

But as for the decision of the British government regarding this issue, U.K. secretary Nicky Morgan explained, "This is a UK-specific solution for UK-specific reasons and the decision deals with the challenges we face right now.

It not only paves the way for secure and resilient networks, with our sovereignty over data protected, but it also builds on our strategy to develop a diversity of suppliers."

What are your thoughts on this decision of the U.K. to use Huawei for their network infrastructures?

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