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Meet UiiSii CM8 - Hybrid triple driver earphones on a budget

UiiSii, a company that specializes in making high-quality consumer audio products has recently sent us the CM8 hybrid triple drivers earphones. Here are our thoughts.
Meet UiiSii CM8 hybrid triple drivers earphone
UiiSii CM8

Meet UiiSii CM8 hybrid triple driver earphones

Inside the box
Inside the box

Inside the box of the UiiSii are the CM8, 3 extra pairs of ear cups, and the documentation.
Button and microphone
Button and microphone

The headphones come with a 120cm cable that feels super solid and firm when you hold and pull on the cable from both ends. Between where the cable splits towards the right earpiece is the single button that works as the playback button and the answer and end call button. Beside it is a single microphone port.
3.5mm audio jack
3.5mm audio jack

At one end of the cable is the full size 3.5mm headphone jack.

At the other end of the cable are the high-quality transparent earpieces. These earpieces are incredibly solid with a glossy finish. Connected to the earpieces is the 120 cm cable that is removable. The end that connects to the earpieces comes with a 6-inch transparent tube protector.
Extra tips
Extra tips

Inside the box is 3 extra pairs of ear-cups that like the Hi-905 are to thin to hold its shape. In fact, this is my only nitpick for the UiiSii CM8. The cups are so flimsy that they fall off the ear easily. 

The CM8 produces a sound that is noticeably stronger and has a wider range than your typical earphones. There is a moderately sized sound stage that has enough room for you to easily discern each and every level and each and every distinct sound.

The bass, treble, and mids are well balanced. I just wish there was little more power and it would be perfect for my tastes.

UiiSii CM8 Specs

Drivers: Triple drivers (1DD + 2BA)
Frequency Range: 10 - 40KHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Connectivity: full-size 3.5mm jack
Wire Length: 120 cm (detachable)
Others: Microphone, Voice Control, Song Playback, Call Support
Price: USD 59.99

Quick thoughts

Triple driver on a budget
Triple driver on a budget

The UiiSIi CM8 hybrid triple driver earphones offer outstanding value if you are looking for wired earphones with decent isolation, great sound separation, great sound clarity, and great tonality with a moderately sized sound stage.

Our only complaint is the flimsy ear cups that you can easily replace from a third-party source.

It is priced at USD 59.99 (around PHP 3K) without taxes and shipping. You can visit this link to buy it.

What do you guys think?
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