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Xiaomi wants you to improve your immune system, announces a Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer

Through a crowdfunding effort, Xiaomi has just announced the improved version of MIJIA Juicer of 2019, the Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer.
Xiaomi wants you to improve your immune system, announces a Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer
A Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer

Xiaomi wants you to improve your immune system by making healthy juices using the Zhenmi Wireless Vacuum Portable Juicer

The juicer will come in Cherry Pink and Light Green colorways in a stylish oval cup body with a comfortable grip. The body uses an environment-friendly and food-grade PC + ABS material. The cup body and whipping head can be washed with water and they are 100 percent sealed and drip-proof.
The colors of the juicer
The colors of the juicer

For juicing, it uses a 4-leaf 301 stainless steel blade that utilizes the eccentric spoiler technology to increase the whipped force by 35 percent. This juicer can also break ice cubes and there is no need to shake the juicer while blending.

It also has a double-click quick juice function that only needs 28 seconds to quickly squeeze the juice. In comparison, traditional juicers will need around 40 seconds to squeeze one cup of juice.

Of course, it has a vacuum function that can only need a press of a button to prevent oxidation from fruit residue. It can maintain a pressure of  -30kPa for 4 hours (recyclable vacuum) to ensure the interior is fresh even when locked.

The juicer comes with a 2,400mAh battery that can squeeze up to 25 cups of fresh juice in one full charge. It can be fully charged in 2 hours.

It measures at 192 x 95 x 73 mm and weighs 710 grams.

During the crowdfunding campaign, the device is priced at just CNY 199. It'll have a regular SRP of CNY 239 after that. The juicer is expected to ship in China from April 19.

There's no word regarding its international date of availability yet.

Source: Xiaomi
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