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Pinoy dengue case forecasting system wins 2019 NASA global hackathon

A dengue case forecasting system that uses space data made by Filipinos recently won the 2019 NASA International Space Apps Challenge.
Pinoy dengue case forecasting system wins 2019 NASA global hackathon
The Project AEDES team

Pinoy pride at 2019 NASA Space Apps Challenge

The system is dubbed Project AEDES. The contest saw 29,000 participants globally that span in 71 countries. The Filipino project is one of the 6 winners in terms of the best use of data, making the best space data accessible, or leveraging the data for a unique application.

Dengue is a viral, infectious disease that spread in tropical areas. There were 271,480 cases with 1,107 deaths from January 1 to August 31, 2019, as reported by the World Health Organization.

The participants from the Philippines were Dominic Vincent Ligot, Mark Toledo, Frances Claire Tayco, and Jansen Dumailang Lopez from CirroLytix.
Project AEDES' web interface
Project AEDES' web interface

The forecasting model of dengue cases uses climate and digital data as well as pinpointing possible hotspots from satellite data.

The information comes from Sentinel-2 Copernicus and Lansat 8 satellites. Climate data from DOST-PAGASA and Google search trends.

Potential dengue hotspots will be shown on a web interface.

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