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Apple iMessage patent details how users can edit SENT text messages

In the near future, Apple users may be able to edit already sent text messages via iMessage based on recent patent application.
Apple iMessage patent details how users can edit SENT text messages
iMessage may let you edit Texts in the near future

New Apple iMessage Patent reveals possible new Features

Image depicting the possible new features of iMessages
Image depicting the possible new features of iMessages

Is Apple planning to allow iMessage users to edit sent text messages? The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a new patent application by Apple which describes new features of "a messaging user interface of a message application" that is not currently found in the latest build of iOS. These features include "acknowledge messages," "display private messages," "synchronize viewing of content between users," "translate foreign language text," and "combine messages into a group." The patent also introduces improvements to current iMessage features like bubble and full-screen effects and receiving money via Apple Pay.

The most impactful new possible feature contained in the Patent Application is the description of the ability to fully edit sent text messages. It works by selecting the message you want to edit by pre-defined touch interface input that opens a menu with "a message editing interface" and a display of "a revised version of the message" for all recipients. This is depicted in the image above that shows the menu with the option to select "Show Edits" button that shows all member of the chat window the history of changes of a particular text message.

Adding these possible new features will allow Apple to better compete with the growing number of fully-featured messaging apps like WeChat, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

Remember that this remains to just be a patent application with no information if or when these features will arrive in a future version of iOS. Apple has filed a lot of patents over the years and not all of these become real-world features or products so don't expect the new features to arrive anytime soon.

What do you guys think?

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