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LG LED Cinema Display technology-equipped movie theater opens in Taiwan

LG Electronics, in partnership with Taiwan's leading theater chain Showtime Cinemas, has just opened the world's first movie theater powered by LG LED Cinema Display Technology.
LG LED Cinema opens in Taiwan
LG LED Cinema opens in Taiwan

Movie experience leveled up with LG 

The technology makes use of Dolby's cinema server solution and Dolby Atmos immersive audio to provide a cinematic experience like no other. 

LG worked together with Dolby Laboratories to create a seamless integration of Dolby's Integrated Media Server (IMS3000) with LG's LED Cinema Display. This technology produces a wide soundstage with sounds corresponding to the movements on screen, taking the audience right in to the heart of the action.
The 45 x 22 ft 4K LG LED Cinema

The LG LED cinema measures 45 ft wide and 22 ft high, and has 4K resolution. There's no dimming or image distortion unlike cinemas that make use of standard projectors. 

It also accurately reproduces the colors intended by delivering the DCI-P3 Color more vividly and it meets the highest standards for content security with a Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) certification. 

LG Philippines Managing Director, Inkwun Heo, is positive that the LG LED Cinema experience will come to more countries including the Philippines soon. He's more than thrilled for Filipinos to experience this leveled up movie-going experience.

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