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LBC's SoShop! platform is designed to move your online business to greater heights

This pandemic season, we saw the inevitable rise of social sellers and online businesses as it is safer to transact on the internet at the comfort of your homes. As a result, online services have never been this important.
What is SoShop!?

When doing business online, it is better and easier if you will use a platform that would help your concept flourish faster and be as seamless as it can be. A reliable courier service is crucial in this regard.

Enter LBC, the Philippine-based courier company with the "Hari ng padala" moniker. 

Meet the LBC SoShop!, a platform for Social Sellers

To help businesses grow and be more productive as well as efficient, the company has developed "SoShop!," an end-to-end platform for all Social Sellers needing solutions to their business from payment, pickup, and delivery.

This is a part of LBC's 70th-year anniversary celebration and its goal of moving the passions and dreams of Filipinos.

SoShop! was designed to eliminate a lot of processes. It is said to be convenient, secure, and affordable. This service even has multiple payment options from COD, Bank Deposit, and more.

The platform was created for social sellers to share tops, updates, promotions, and an exclusive marketplace for their business.

It designed to be a great partner for or those who are just starting out a full-fledged business.

To recap, Social selling is the process of developing relationships and selling on various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

So, what to expect from SoShop!?

Networking and Socials - You can build connections and opportunities for expansion. From online to offline.
  • SoShop! Online BAZAAR - Enjoy SoShop! selling events
  • Sponsored Exposure - Advertise and network online stores or products using LBC's platform and be featured in ads
  • Exclusive Events/SoShop! Socials - Here, you can meet and know other sellers and expand your network

2. Exclusive Tools/Perks - Enable with tools and exclusive offers
  • Dashboard How-To - Outline/reminder on the usage of LBC Online
  • Special Rate - Provide ShoShop! rates to eligible members
  • Partnerships - You can connect with SoShop! partners and expereince benefits

3. Infographics (Tips & Help) - Educate or provide know-how on how to move the business further
  • Information and Updates on SoShop! - Outline the benefits of SoShop!
  • SoShop! Tips! Like best ways to use social media, online business tips, COD/COP usage
  • SoShop! Sessions - Learning sessions by social selling experts to a group of pre-selected member

How to join SoShop!?

It is easy to register
It is easy to register

Anyone who uses LBC can join SoShop and signing up for an account is easy. All you need to do is visit the SoShop! Lobby (https://www.lbcexpress.com/soshop) and join the Facebook Community (https://www.facebook.com/SoShopbyLBC).

After that, choose a unique SoShop! username. LBC noted that if you already have an LBC online account, it will be merged with the SoShop! account. If not, you will need to make an LBC Online account.

SoShop! tiering

LBC noted that to receive more from this program, you need to transact more and achieve a higher tier account.

Basically, once you hit the required minimum average set by LBC, your tier will upgrade. To maintain your tier, the user needs to maintain the requirement. Falling below will result in demotion.

To ensure that all the transactions are counted to your account, provide your SoShop! username at LBC Online or any LBC branch whenever you transact.

To track your LBC movements, simply login into your LBC Online account.

From there, you can monitor all your movements at LBC online from transactions, tracking, and payments.

LBC Online highlights

LBC Online
LBC Online

LBC Online is the touchpoint for Social Sellers to pre-process their transactions. It comes with a dashboard to track and trace, faster transaction for a smoother branch experience, different payment types, pre-processing, report downloads, and more.
It has an easy to use backend
It has an easy to use backend

The best part is LBC has the Cash on Pickup (COP) and Cash on Delivery (COD) services which provide social sellers convenient means to bring them and their products closer to customers.

COP allows users customers of social sellers pick-up and pay at over 1,400 LBC branches nationwide. COD, on the other hand, is great for customers with door-to-door delivery requirement. LBC's wide courier service network guarantees that customer's order will be delivered straight to them.

Also note that processing your transaction online has no additional fees. It comes with same rates compared to visiting LBC branches.

One of the entrepreneurs who tried LBC's SoShop! is our friend Jill Tan, the CEO of Juan Gadget, one of the fastest growing online gadget store in the Philippines.

She noted that LBC's SoShop platform is user friendly and "you do not need to be techy" to use it.

Jill added that it eliminated a lot of processes and made business transactions smoother. All the user need is to log in and select the mode of collection. It also safe and it reaches all its customers nationwide.

Jill also liked that they offer flexible payment collections such as Bank Deposit and Branch Collect. She ended by saying that SoShop! is a huge help for businesses.

Social Sellers Bazaar

As LBC celebrates its 70th year anniversary, the company also launched the first-ever SoShop Online Bazaar to empower social sellers in the modern marketplace.

Anyone who uses LBC can join by signing up in the LBC Online via SoShop website and select that you want to be a part of the SoShop! Program.

Quick thoughts

Based on what we saw, LBC's SoShop! platform could be a great help for budding online sellers of gadgets and more especially this pandemic. It has plenty of features that could help those businesses flourish such as the end-to-end courier solution, back-end to track and manage your transactions, providing business tips, and more.

So, if you are a social or online seller or you are planning to be one, SoShop! is definitely one of those must check platforms that could help your business reach next-level success safely at the comfort of your home.

To check SoShop!, just visit this link.
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