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Samsung reveals 2021 TV line including Neo QLED up to 8K, MICRO LED, and The Frame models

At the virtual CES 2021 event, Samsung earlier its 2021 line of Smart TVs. The highlight? The Neo QLED, MICRO LED, and improved The Frame models.
Samsung reveals 2021 TV line including Neo QLED up to 8K, MICRO LED, and The Frame models

Samsung Neo QLED, MICRO LED, and 2021 The Frame

Samsung Neo QLED models include the 4K QN90A and flagship 8K QN900A models. These TVs use the Quantum Mini LED controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor.

The Quantum Mini LED is said to be 1/40 the height of a conventional LED. Samsung explained that instead of using a lens to disperse light and a package to fix the LED in place, the Quantum Mini LED has incredibly thin microlayers filled with many more LEDs.

Meanwhile, the Quantum Matrix Technology enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs to prevent blooming.

Neo QLED increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4096 steps; this helps make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, resulting in a more precise and immersive HDR experience.

Neo Quantum Processor is said to be a powerful chip for TVs with enhanced upscaling capabilities. It has up to 16 different neural network models for AI upscaling and deep learning.

Samsung boasts that this can optimize picture quality to 4K and 8K regardless of input quality.

The new QLED 8K TV also has the near bezel-less Infinity One design for a more immersive viewing experience and sleeker form factor. It can be attached to the Slim One Connect box for cleaner cable management.

It also has the new Object Tracking (OTS) Pro's dynamic sound that corresponds to the movement of objects on the screen and SpaceFit Sound which analyzes the installed TV's physical environment to output immersive sound tailored specifically to your space.

Meanwhile, the new MICRO LED line is available in 110 and 99-inch models. Samsung noted that by the end of the year, smaller sizes will be available.

MICRO LED uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters utilized in conventional displays. The company claimed that it is self-illuminating, producing stunningly lifelike colors and brightness through its 24 million individually controlled LEDs.

It also boasts the Monolith Design with a 99 percent screen-to-body ratio.

MICRO LED TVs also have the 4Vue(Quad View) feature to comfortably watch up to four different content sources simultaneously on one screen and Majestic Sound which delivers breathtaking 5.1 channel sound with no external speaker.
2021 The Frame
2021 The Frame

Lastly, Samsung also updated its The Frame models. The "2021 The Frame" is about a half thinner than previous iterations with new detachable options in five color options. It also has two different customizable styles called Modern and Beveled.

With a subscription to The Frame's all-new Art Store, consumers will be able to enjoy 1,400+ carefully curated pieces. Samsung’s new AI-based auto-curation technology better analyzes individual consumer preferences to recommend artwork.

Samsung also highlighted that over the next few years, the company will be "Going Green" in an effort to save the earth.

There's no info regarding their pricing and local date of availability yet.

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Source: Samsung

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