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Apple is working with TSMC to create micro OLED displays for AR and VR gadgets

Apple is reportedly partnering with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to come up with an ultra-advanced display in a facility in Taiwan.
Apple is working with TSMC to create micro OLED displays for AR and VR gadgets
Image from Nikkei Asia

Next-generation display technology in the making?

According to Nikkei Asia, the tech giant from Silicon Valley is trying to develop micro OLED display technology. Unlike the conventional LCD screens in smartphones and TVs, these micro OLED displays are not built on glass substrates.

This is said to be a kind of display built directly onto chip wafers and can be used for AR devices. These wafers are the substrates that semiconductors are fabricated on. Because of that, micro OLEDs are way thinner, smaller, and use less power. These qualities make them ideal for wearable AR devices.

The source stated that the development is now at the trial production stage but it will take many years to reach its mass production. The displays under development are less than 1 inch in size. Allegedly, some parts of the planned manufacturing will use TSMC's existing chip-production equipment and processes.

Also, the source noted that there's another project under Apple and TSMC in Longtan District. Aside from micro OLED displays, they are also developing micro-LED technology. This is also in the trial production phase.

Like micro OLEDs, the micro-LED project also involves some chip manufacturing technology. The components are 100 times smaller than those used in LED lighting products. It means they do not need backlight modules like traditional LEDs and LCDs so the display can be much thinner.

There's no comment yet from TSMC and Apple regarding this report so we'll have to wait for their statements regarding these technological advancements.

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